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Predictive equity rating gives you the prediction power from weeks to 2-3 months in the future, NOT a quantitative relation to explain the past performance.

Evaluated over 1000 factors, and defined over 200 factors in house as input to train proprietary machine learning model.

Simplified rating that incorporated dynamic factor shifting and rotation.

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Predictive equity rating from 1-9 for few weeks to 2-3 months in the future with incorporation of dynamic factor shifting. The development of K Scores takes in fundamental information, pricing and trading volumes, technical signals, and alternative data such as sentiment, and apply the best-of-breed proprietary learning algorithms, and uses methods such as regression, classification, model selection, ranking algorithms, deep learning and more to rank stocks. Our intelligent system identifies the intrinsic relationships, uncovers the dependency structure and calculates predictive analytics for future performance.

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Delivered one of the first successful ML signals to the public market, Kavout was created by ex-Googlers with a proven track record of building many mission-critical machine learning systems where billions of data points in real-time. Our mission is to build machine investing solutions to find alpha by assimilating vast quantities of complex data through the latest AI and Machine Learning methods to generate signals to uncover hidden, dynamic, and nonlinear patterns in the financial markets.

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