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Explore structured sustainable bond data on close to the entire universe of sustainable bonds worldwide. Access the most granular data in the market and perform in-depth analysis of green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds.

Explore the commitments made by issuers through structured pre-issuance data extracted from frameworks and second party opinions. Discover how the proceeds of green, social and sustainability bonds are effectively invested and what has been the impact of those investments through equally structured and extensive post-issuance data. Find out whether issuers have met their sustainability performance target and how this affects the characteristics of their sustainability-linked bonds.

Compare sustainable bonds, monitor allocation and impact, and meet your needs when reporting on your investments.

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The LGX DataHub is an unrivalled centralised database that brings previously unstructured sustainability data to issuers, investors, and asset managers across the world in a structured, comparable and reliable way. It offers a global coverage of sustainable bonds, along with the most granular and structured data in the market. At the pre-issuance stage, it provides detailed information on all four pillars of the ICMA GBPs/SBPs. At the post-issuance stage, it structures allocation and impact data by project, by project category, by country and at bond level. The LGX DataHub also includes sustainability-linked bonds, with relevant information on KPIs and SPTs.

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With 41,000+ securities listed, including 33,000+ debt instruments from 2,000+ issuers in 100+ countries, LuxSE is the world’s leading exchange for listing international debt securities. Founded in 1928, LuxSE, a renowned market infrastructure provider, has contributed to transparent and stable international capital markets ever since.

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