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Easily compare high-level macroeconomic, standardized measures across various regions using national sources as your source of truth.

Incorporate global key indicators within the core of macro, cross-asset, fixed income, or multi-asset strategies to boost your crucial research and investment decisions.

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Explore millions of collated data points to create timely models with ease and confidence. Rely on rigorous organization and instant release of open data and time series. Discover "as is" data directly from the source with a link back to the originator for underlying methodology details. Include core macroeconomic indicators in your research or fundamental strategies to leverage commonly used headline indicators for qualitative and quantitative economic assessments.

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Macrobond is a leading provider of global economic, aggregate financial, and sector time-series data for professionals, including economists, analysts, quants, strategists, portfolio managers, and asset allocators. Its flexible SaaS solution delivers timely macroeconomic data from more than 2,500 sources, supported by the most comprehensive metadata in the industry. Macrobond’s integrated analytical tools enable customers worldwide to find, analyze, and visualize relevant data quickly.

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