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Matrix is a true cloud-first, modular workflow solution leveraging Microsoft Azure and DevOps’ CI/CD approach to provide new feature functionality on a monthly release cycle. The Matrix Managed Services data management platform offers Azure's best in class services around security, HA/DR, and scalability.

Matrix is a data management platform designed to facilitate the storage and analysis of investment data. The software encompasses a fully integrated multi asset class Data Management ODS & Data Warehouse. In addition, a robust data pipeline with full audit, data lineage, and transparency drives the creation of fully cleansed, trusted data sets.

The Matrix data management platform application allows for the automation of asset allocation and rebalancing workflow. The unique IP around ownership modelling within a multi asset interfunded account structure solves the practical challenges exposure management teams face. Functionality includes portfolio modelling with regards to asset allocation, trade instruction management, future cash forecasting, pre trade compliance, and fund analysis.

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Matrix IDM software simplifies the data management of the complex, multi-level investment and product structures that underpin retirement savings, insurance and asset management businesses. The platform empowers firms to understand everything from the true nature of the exposures within funds to the indirect fees borne by investors and the impact of investment re-structuring decisions. Unrivalled data management expertise together with proven software developers, underpinned by a 24/7 global customer support capability is what sets us apart from the competition.

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