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Added to Marketplace: October 18, 2019


This is a centralized data management software solution allowing you to normalize, aggregate, consolidate and compare any data set in order to generate a golden copy record or "Single Point of the Truth" to be used across your enterprise.

Monitor and optimize data consumption with this data management solution by aggregating requests or simulating new data feed subscription models.

Generate transparent and forward-looking reports on benchmark & indexes to better manage your portfolios, including Constituent, Contribution and Joiners & Leavers reports.

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NeoXam DataHub provides a comprehensive and customizable software solution for centralized data management. The platform allows clients to consolidate, cleanse, enrich and distribute information from both internal and external sources to address use cases around regulations, firm exposure, investment data, risk and more. The transparency and confidence that clients gain from leveraging NoaXam DataHub allows them to improve decision making and scale their business more effectively.

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NeoXam is a global organization that focuses on providing enterprise wide software solutions that serve the needs of both asset-management and sell-side participants. Our solutions automate complex workflow processes for our clients by streamlining operations, reducing risk and improving overall data quality.

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