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Added to Marketplace: July 1, 2020


Gain day-by-day insights into the Retail sector to help predict product segment level sales and trends for a given company; across competitors; and for a given sub-industry. Consumer sentiment data is reflected by a 1-5 product rating scale complete with the count of ratings for each product that you can correlate with sales and pricing data as another predictor of where each product/brand is likely to trend.

This data set has historically been very valuable to investment managers, retail executives, marketing, etc. in understanding product launches and consumer reception. Upon launch of a next generation product, comparisons can be made to previous generations adoption and gain insight into the relative viability of the new product.

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This data set provides a daily collection of online bestseller information across 32 categories from the largest online retailer in the world. Each category has a deep history of daily collection with most dating back to 2013. This collection includes purchased products by date and product name linked to brand name as well as both the product list price and final sale price across thousands of public and private companies.

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Vertical Knowledge (VK) is an enterprise open source alternative data company that has transformed the way their clients identify, collect and leverage public data to gain actionable insight. VK offers a variety of historically rich data subscriptions, creating unprecedented opportunities for data consumption and information arbitrage. VK also provides services including a global commercial proxy network, custom data collection and an end to end collection Framework.

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