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In the U.S. alone, weather accounts for more than $600 billion a year in lost revenue. Nearly every industry has some degree of weather sensitivity. Leverage this weather data analysis feed to generate optimum trade signals. Analyze weather’s effects on seasonal product sales and footfall traffic. Monitor weather’s impact on asset locations. Identify weather events that result in delivery delays or supply chain disruptions.

Weather Source delivers analytics-grade data that is gap-free, error-free, homogenous, and ready for rigorous applications such as machine learning. Unlike many of its competitors, Weather Source gathers its data using multiple inputs, including airport observation station, satellite, radar, and local sensor data.

This weather data analysis share also includes a historical weather data sample that can help researchers analyze the potential connections between weather and COVID-19 viability and transmission. As correlations between weather and the virus emerge, many experts believe colder temperatures and lower humidity levels lead to greater COVID-19 viability and weakened immune systems.

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In this share, Weather Source provides a curated continuum of past, present, and forecast weather data for every U.S. ZIP code. Access 12 years of historical weather data analysis in daily format. Query hyper-local weather data for the ZIP codes most relevant to your business. Seamlessly integrate weather and climate data with your internal data for insightful analytics and actionable information. Quantify the impact of weather on operations. Reduce waste, increase return on investment, fine-tune logistics, deploy strategic marketing, improve resource planning, and more.

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Weather Source helps clients leverage weather and climate technologies for business intelligence. Their mission is to make hyper-local weather and climate data accessible around the globe and across industries. Their passion is working with companies to develop weather strategies that ultimately reduce waste, increase ROI, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, and improve resource planning.

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