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Leverage Quant IP’s deep experience in patent law and patent data, statistical expertise and smart, AI-powered algorithms to identify trends and shifts in technology with our patent and innovation metrics data feed. Find true innovation leaders and make better decisions.

Extract value from information buried in more than 120 million patent documents. Quant IP provides access to point in time data with history available back to 1995 for backtesting purposes.

Enhance alpha. Backtests show strong evidence for sustainable, risk adjusted alpha generation and low correlations with common factors such as value, growth, and momentum. The pharmaceutical industry shows the strongest backtesting results and alpha >6 percent per annum.

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Quant IP’s Patent and Innovation Metrics data feed provides access to point in time patent data, including the number of patent applications per company, the number of granted patents per company, and the Quant IP Innovation Score per company. The Quant IP Innovation score is an aggregated indicator for consistency, quality and efficiency of a company's innovation process, making it possible to rank listed companies according to their innovation power and build portfolios to outperform regular equity indices.

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Quant IP uses smart algorithms and AI-powered software to gain insights from both patent data and financial metrics. By leveraging domain knowledge and incorporating other data sources Quant IP creates business intelligence for asset management, venture capital, private equity, M&A, consulting, and corporate clients.

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