Cobalt Portfolio Monitoring Platform

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Added to Marketplace: December 10, 2021

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Aggregate individual portfolio performance and fund & portfolio analytics in a customizable dashboard. Create recurring reports that show role-specific data for a variety of professionals in your firm.

Perform analysis by comparing specific investment performance using portfolio operating metrics and KPIs. Track and calculate the ones that align with your individual investments. Receive real-time updates from your findings and store them for future use in your dashboard.

Visualize your data with charts and graphs in Microsoft Excel by utilizing the plugin with the Cobalt database. Configure spreadsheet templates for GP and PortCo input. Transfer data from Excel models back into Cobalt for when you need to use it in other reports.

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Experience personalized portfolio monitoring for fund and portfolio company data, analytics, and on-demand reporting in an intuitive platform that's flexible with your needs. Leverage data collection capabilities with custom metrics and KPIs all displayed in a comprehensive dashboard. Track, compare, and share company performance metrics and deliver on strategic opportunities. Expand your portfolio with actionable insights that propel your firm toward success.

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FactSet creates data and technology solutions for investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions. We combine our unique proprietary datasets, your in-house data, and third-party unstructured data to help you see and seize opportunity sooner.

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