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Identify clear alpha trading signals based on social media sentiment data before it is priced into the market with this unique trading signals data feed.

Rely on Natural Language Processing that is specifically adapted to communication used in finance for accurate sentiment classifications to use as trading signals. StockPulse’s AI engine boasts extensive historical data.

Enhance quantitative models or risk management systems with daily PulsePicks data that is based on sophisticated measurements and rigorous mathematical and statistical meta-modeling.

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GERMAN AI ENHANCES ALPHA PERFORMANCE Leverage StockPulse’s robust AI engine to uncover PulsePicks trading signals based on sentiment data from social media sources, blogs, chats, and forums. Various metrics such as intensity (buzz), sentiment, and key topics are combined and optimized using algorithms that continuously analyze large historical datasets to detect patterns that can be translated into equity-level signals.

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German-based StockPulse, founded in 2011, is a pioneer of sentiment data analytics for financial markets. The company's fully automated systems condense several million datasets from social media channels into meaningful and actionable data. StockPulse analysis is based on years of research that has been tested and confirmed in several academic studies. Pulse Picks, a key StockPulse product, provide at least 30 trend signals per trading day for individual stocks, indices, and currency pairs.

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