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Unlock powerful insights with real-time and historical U.S. lobbying intelligence to make informed, data-driven decisions. Easily drill down on all publicly traded companies, private companies, and organizations to assess the influence of special interest groups, anticipate regulatory changes, identify emerging policy trends, and monitor changes in corporate strategy.

Navigate lobby data for thousands of publicly traded companies, private companies, and special interest groups engaging in lobbying activities to secure government loans, modify bills, and compete for government contracts.

Leverage advanced data science to gain insight on every entity that has ever lobbied the U.S. government, the dollar amount they spent on it, the agencies they lobbied, and the specific congressional bills, laws, and issues on which they lobbied. Discover money in politics and whether it's another variable in your research, a new input for your models, or another layer in your due diligence.

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Access daily, detailed lobby data from 1999-present for the $4.1 billion lobbying industry. View 1.6 million lobbying contracts and data for 200,000+ entities encompassing 2,000+ ticker symbols, 13,000+ lobbying firms, all federal agencies, and every registered lobbyist. Explore data for 60+ unique attributes such as company name, ticker symbol, lobbying firm retained, dollar amount spent on lobbying, government agency lobbied, and the exact bills, general issues, and specific issues lobbied on.

Firm Information is the leading provider of alternative data on U.S. lobbying. The firm’s database offers comprehensive real-time and historical information on all federal lobbying activity from 1999-present. tracks the $4.1B lobbying industry comprised of 1.6M+ lobbying contracts for 200k+ entities including 2k+ ticker symbols, 13k+ lobbying firms, all federal agencies, and every registered lobbyist. The firm delivers its data feed via AWS S3 and/or REST API.

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