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Added to Marketplace: August 9, 2020


A complete collection of retail sales information from dozens of major retailers, spanning multiple years. This retail sales data includes pricing, promotion, margin, consumer reception, competitive dynamics, and more. While the start date varies between retailers, all information is collected on a weekly basis.

VK’s deep retail subscriptions contain years of comprehensive pricing data, including full coverage of products across dozens of retailer websites. The data is frequently leveraged to predict sales, margins, consumer reception of products, and competitive dynamics between retailers.

The Typical fields include Brand, Price, Discounting and Online Stock Status. The Typical KPIs include Gross Margin, Promotional Activity and Popularity.

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For years, Vertical Knowledge has collected detailed retail sales information from some of the largest retailers in the world. This history includes a full collection of all products and variants from the online stores of retailers listed in the dataset section below. - Pricing - Promotions - Consumer Reception - Competitive Dynamics - Variant Details And More

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Vertical Knowledge (VK) is an enterprise open source alternative data company that has transformed the way their clients identify, collect and leverage public data to gain actionable insight. VK offers a variety of historically rich data subscriptions, creating unprecedented opportunities for data consumption and information arbitrage. VK also provides services including a global commercial proxy network, custom data collection and an end to end collection Framework.

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