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Added to Marketplace: August 29, 2021

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Investigate buying, selling, and sizing for skills, investment processes, impacts, and behavioral tendencies with coherent models. Support top-down assessments to uncover what is driving results. Benefit from p-to-date results, construction, hit rate, contribution, attribution, skills, buy context, sell timing, add/trim, stop loss, signals

Gather insights from counterfactual models, out-of-sample analysis, machine learning, and Monte Carlo simulations with advanced analytics.

User-defined signals: Provide instructions on situations to watch and how to be informed with user-defined signals. Integrate your proprietary data and access pricing and fundamental data, as well as extensive sets of global benchmarks and custom indices.

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Gain unparalleled insights into skills, investment processes, behavioral tendencies, portfolio construction, attribution, and contribution analysis. With the support of granular analysis and user-defined signals, overcome behavioral tendencies, quickly identify new stocks that fit your process, capture more alpha from adds and trims, harvest successful positions more effectively, and know how and when to implement a stop-loss.

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FactSet creates data and technology solutions for investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions. We combine our unique proprietary datasets, your in-house data, and third-party unstructured data to help you see and seize opportunity sooner.

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