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Generate fundamental insights and quantitative forecasts of exchange price and inventory for refined metals and bulk commodities and price direction for related equities, FX, and rates.

Monitor all major global locations through satellite monitoring of over 400 smelters and storage sites, which cover over 90% of global metal production.

Backtest various strategies using 5+ years of historical refined metal and bulk commodity data and out-of-the box data science forecasts for in-sample and out-of-sample time-series including K-nearest neighbors and moving-average crossover models.

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MetalSignals provides satellite-imagery based data, trends, and analysis for global refined metals such as Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, and Steel production, based on changes in daily, weekly, and monthly growth in metal concentrate and finished product stored outside at hundreds of individual smelters and storage facilities. MetalSignals provides global coverage across six continents and includes major countries such as China, Chile, Russia, USA, Australia, and more.

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RS Metrics is a leading provider of satellite imagery and geospatial analytics for businesses and investors. Its proprietary, patented technology leverages advanced computer vision and machine learning to extract meaningful and ready-to-use data from a variety of location-based sources, providing predictive analytics, alerts, and end-user applications for decision making in financial services, real estate, retail, industrials, metals, government, and academic research.

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