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Tap into the global therapeutics landscape, from preclinical to market - including related companies - for over 10,000 therapeutics in both marketed and Research and Development (R&D) stages.

Establish causal links and predictive analytics with therapeutic-level engagement and sentiment factors derived from the social analytics and business intelligence data of multiple sources.

Explore knowledge on therapeutics that's shared via social media with an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered natural-language platform designed for biomedical language. Discover important relationships between therapeutics, companies, diseases, and biological targets with a multi-sourced, expert-level knowledge base.

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Lend-Rx provides daily sentiment and topic data on 10K+ therapeutics from 4K companies including 1000 listed companies globally. Through Natural Language Processing developed on biomedical language, sentiment and topic data covers social media post, social media shared content as well as news for each therapeutics mapped to companies.

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Lend-Rx Technology is an expert sentiment data provider in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Lend-Rx analyzes social media content to produce sentiment data and topics using a natural-language algorithm based on artificial intelligence specifically designed for the biomedical language. From pre-clinical stage to generic analysis, Lend-Rx covers every milestone in a therapeutic product's lifecycle.

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