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Added to Marketplace: July 23, 2020


Surface stock market-moving events reported by qualified influencers with the potential to impact asset prices

Evaluate the historical significance of the event (5 years of history available) and whether an event makes the stock an outlier in the sector or industry

Evaluate whether unusual sentiment shifts are signals of upcoming price movements (e.g. unusual pre-earning sentiment shifts).

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Sentifi's company intelligence analytics makes sense of real-time events reported in social media, news, and blog on 50,000+ stocks, tracking 45,000+ events reported by 15m+ influencers scored for their level of knowledge around a particular asset. Companies intelligence analytics provides a granular view on the significance of market-moving events as they occur (e.g. does the event make the stock an outlier in the industry or sector? is the sentiment from the broader moving shifting unusually ahead of an earnings announcement, are specific influencer groups shifting their sentiment towards a stock with the potential to impact the asset valuation?)

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Sentifi uses AI, big data and collective intelligence to listen to and categorise over 14 million qualified financial influencers. That’s how institutional and private investors gain unique insights on over 50 thousand traded companies, currencies, commodities, and the events that impact them. Our customers use this insight to make better investment decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

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