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Added to Marketplace: July 23, 2020


Surface macro-level stock market-moving events and the sectors, industries, regions, and assets impacted by those events with our market intelligence analytics.

Our stock market intelligence analytics can help you validate stock market investment strategies by evaluating the sentiment curve for a custom benchmark vs an established benchmark

Assess how professional stock market investors are shifting their allocation to regions, countries, sectors, industries and stocks and compare professional investor sentiment to sentiment from the broader market.

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Sentifi's markets intelligence analytics surface macro events being discussed in social media, news and blogs from the 15m+ influencers Sentifi is tracking and the sectors, industries, regions, assets that are impacted by those events. Markets intelligence analytics surfaces sentiment shifts on currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities and indices. Sentifi's markets intelligence analytics additionally enable the setup of custom sentiment benchmarks to test/ validate an investment strategy and compare this to standard benchmarks.

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Sentifi uses AI, big data and collective intelligence to listen to and categorise over 14 million qualified financial influencers. That’s how institutional and private investors gain unique insights on over 50 thousand traded companies, currencies, commodities, and the events that impact them. Our customers use this insight to make better investment decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

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