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Access the only independent Short Interest and Securities Finance dataset available that can affect price action. Understand bearish bets, conviction levels and what is driving price action. Identify which trades are crowded and why for over 40,000 global securities.

Eliminate short interest and securities finance dataset delays in receiving exchange-reported data and seamlessly integrate data into existing systems and workflows.

Trust S3’s holistic and unbiased data collection and contribution methodology. Gain a complete dataset sourced from proprietary software and data, bank and broker inventory feeds from all major market participants, regulatory filings from every public exchange globally and an in-house service desk that performs live confirmation of intraday rates from voice brokered financing markets.

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S3’s Short Interest and Securities Finance data provide the necessary tools to view how Short Interest, Financing Rates, and crowded trades affect price action. Clients rely on this unique dataset for accurate Short Interest analytics and to identify crowded long and short trades. S3’s data provides transparency to the true spread of the borrow / loan market, with the only independent and unbiased bid, offer, and last rates for Securities Finance.

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Founded in 2003, S3 Partners is a privately-owned global financial technology and data company, headquartered in New York. Clients leverage our enterprise software, data, apps, and analytics to achieve better outcomes in their investment processes, risk management, counterparty relationships, and investor relations. S3's purpose is to deliver data integrity and technology that powers your market perception and business intelligence so you can act with agility, on your own terms.

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