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An independent and far-reaching data source for both reputational and ESG monitoring. SIGWATCH is used to supplement more conventional ESG data sources that are typically self-reported, restricted to listed companies only and focus on only a few ESG factors with our global NGO signals.

Live tracking of 9,000+ NGOs and their signals, with 60,000+ NGO signals spanning the last 10 years, targeting over 18,000 corporations. By going straight to source, rather than media, SIGWATCH’s provides the most extensive and timely NGO data feed on the market.

All NGO signals are tagged, taxonomized and quantified with the end user having access to either scores and/or the underlying signal. NGO campaigns are assessed both by sector and by entity : our robust and transparent methodology adjusts signal score based on factors such as NGO influence, signal sentiment and prominence. Tagging includes Tickers (where applicable), ISINs and FIGI codes.

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SIGWATCH data is used by investors and corporations to track NGO activity. NGO signal campaigns have far reaching impact, driving changes in government policy and consumer spending habits. Meantime activism focused on individual corporations, can impact profitability and changes in future business strategy. Hence, NGO signals provide: - Early discovery of NGO campaigns that shape future government and consumer behaviour - Early notice of sector and corporate behaviours that will either grow or erode shareholder value. About this product SIGWATCH data is tailored to your needs, covering corporations and sectors in a live, daily data feed. Historic data can also be purchased by year. SIGWATCH also provides this data in a desktop service.

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We specialise in tracking activist campaigning globally, to identify trends and emerging issues, and quantify activist attitudes to companies and brands. We provide clients with a comprehensive and objective understanding of how their reputations are being affected by activists, alert them to future problems in public confidence, and provide early data on concerns affecting suppliers, customers and investments. Clients are typically sector-leading multinationals and financial institutions.

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