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Added to Marketplace: April 21, 2023


Evaluate the future impact of climate change on company performance for risk management and opportunity identification applications.

Determine price return volatility on near-term climate transition risk by building portfolios that minimize climate risk exposure. Measure a company’s resilience across high and low climate scenarios with climate risk management (portfolio optimizations and risk measurement), climate product creation (annuities, indexes, and derivatives), and compliance and reporting (TCFD, AOA, and FCA).

Take advantage of unique financial products that have been analyzed for covariance to protect your client's proprietary strategy.

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Access a forward-looking, scenario analysis-based product that incorporates a proprietary climate risk rating system for publicly listed equity securities. Perform backtesting with 10+ years of historic data, updated quarterly. Discover the highest standards of statistical analysis and software engineering, including continuous development and improvement in active collaboration with partner and user communities.

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Entelligent is a specialist quantitative analytics firm that produces data for assessing climate change risk in the capital markets. Its Smart Climate (TM) platform is the world's first patented climate-scenario analysis tool that scores companies based on the resilience and sensitivity their share prices exhibit under a range of future climate paths.

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