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Added to Marketplace: May 2, 2023


Overcome the language barrier to the world's second largest economy with locally sourced news analysis data that provides deeper insight into what's happening on the ground in China.

Track news using metatags mapped to ChinaScope's supply chain and knowledge graph data.

Follow the ebb and flow of market sentiment as reflected in Chinese language news.

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SmarTag is ChinaScope’s flagship news analysis engine that deconstructs unstructured Chinese language text into structured machine-readable metadata. Sentiment embedded in the vernacular expressed in the news text is used to calculate scores that can be used to predict stock movements. Mappings for the Chinese characters corresponding to the SmarTag name, title, and summary fields can be made available upon request.

Firm Information

Founded in 2009, ChinaScope is a financial technology firm focusing on the extraction and interpretation of unstructured and semi-structured data related to China. The company’s proprietary data automation systems and NLP algorithms extract, synthesize and standardize numerical and textual data to help global investors make better investment decisions.

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