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Gain detailed media chatter insights and quantify the impact of media coverage on financial asset prices with daily intensity, sentiment and disagreement indicators for over 3,000 U.S. companies.

Rely on a proprietary media chatter gathering and intelligence process that corrects for a variety of consistent media biases discovered through years of academic research.

Leverage media chatter and measurement tools that have been carefully designed for investing - not high-frequency trading - to help meet your long-term goals. Unlike other media analytics offerings, which provide real-time alerts to boost trading speed, State Street MediaStats produces consistent, daily measures that help analyze future asset performance over longer time horizons.

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In partnership with MKT MediaStats LLC, State Street MediaStats quantifies content from over 100,000 digital media sources to analyze the potential impact of media chatter on US equities’ price fluctuations. Media Linkages gauge the size, strength and significance of dynamic inter-company relationships based on co-mentions in media.

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State Street Associates® empowers investors to uncover alpha opportunities, manage risk and formulate strategies. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts - a global center for technology and innovation - State Street Associates®, combines differentiated datasets with innovative thinking from some of the foremost academic institutions in the world.

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