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Main use cases: "Real-world"/third-party, publicly available reporting evidence of participation in green projects as reported by official government sources; Post-green contract award announcement signal proves to be especially strong for PLCs with a lower ESG score; the relative weight of green public procurement business as a share of overall public procurement business can be measured per ticker; Avoids issues of greenwashing as data covers actual participation in green public projects

TenderAlpha’s Green Feed contains data about more than 300,000 companies, mostly small private firms, thus enabling investors to monitor a large number of businesses capable of delivering environmentally-friendly products and services. Green public procurement as an ESG factor allows investors to incorporate this information into their equity trading. The high-frequency updates of the database with green projects facilitate close-to-real-time monitoring of the companies winning these tenders.

The Green Company Supplement is a particularly important add-on because it provides clients with an immediate extra layer of comparative analysis that would otherwise be difficult to obtain as one would only have the green activity of companies in absolute terms (and not compared to their overall activities). The percentage is updated dynamically with each ongoing delivery.

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TenderAlpha’s Green Procurement Feed is the world’s first global procurement data product specifically designated for ESG analysis. It offers monitoring of sustainable public projects as a proxy of ESG performance of more than 4k PLCs and over 3k private companies acting as government suppliers in North America and Europe. The feed is based on a discretionary methodology detecting green public contracts defined as sustainable purchasing and environmentally-based supplier choice. It features categorization of the contracts (in 9 categories) and scoring (0-100) of their sustainability effect. We also offer The Green Company Supplement sub-feed covering the relative weight of green contract awards as a share of all procurement activity.

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BizPortal.co is an open data mining and analytics provider focused primarily on collecting and processing global public procurement contract awards data. With government spending representing nearly 20% of worldwide GDP, public procurement is a significant piece of the global economy. Rely on BizPortal data for insights into macroeconomic trends and public spending, company credit and risk analysis, as well as other sales and marketing-related applications.

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