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Take advantage of multiple data applications and use cases, including high-frequency equity analysis, public spending monitoring, and a unique military buildup and defense investment framework as a predictive geopolitical risk assessment proxy.

Explore news articles about defense and military government contract awards in the U.S., EU, and UK for any products and services procured by the defense departments and ministries in these regions where media reports are available.

Rely on a multitude of sources used to construct the feed, including public procurement sources, defense department and ministries publications, specialized defense media outlets, and global online business publications.

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View information from 50,000+ news stories since 2012, updated daily and intra-daily. Access data for 3,000+ public and 20,000+ private companies that are mapped to articles as contract awardees. Use tickers to identify public companies as defense suppliers in your defense investment strategies.

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BizPortal.co is an open data mining and analytics provider focused primarily on collecting and processing global public procurement contract awards data. With government spending representing nearly 20% of worldwide GDP, public procurement is a significant piece of the global economy. Rely on BizPortal data for insights into macroeconomic trends and public spending, company credit and risk analysis, as well as other sales and marketing-related applications.

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