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Added to Marketplace: February 1, 2021


UNIQUE: TVEyes Inc provides a machine-readable source of aggregated content in context not available in a single feed elsewhere.

TRUSTED: News and events become validated when they are aired on television, relative to social media.

ADDITIVE: Fully disambiguated exogenous content -- in context-- is a generator of incremental alpha.

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THERE IS OPPORTUNITY AND ALPHA EMBEDDED IN LANGUAGE Content is collected from cable providers, satellite, streaming or terrestrial broadcast. Multiple global capture sites record video and audio 24/7, and perform a variety of information extraction and enrichment tasks on the associated transcripts that include: insertion of full broadcast metadata, as well as fully-tagged and resolved companies with their ticker symbols. SENTIMENT CAPABILITIES UNEARTH NUANCES THAT DRIVE ALPHA Our sentiment analysis models understand where entity-level sentiment emanates from and to, and employs a proprietary variation of deep transfer learning to fine-tune language models and optimize contextual word embeddings to predict sentiment in key topic areas.

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A global provider of fully disambiguated, enriched and tagged broadcast data. Our extensive capture network offers coverage of more than 2,600+ stations globally, including in all 210 Designated Market Areas (DMA) in the U.S, with history commencing from December 2012.

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