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Access the most comprehensive financial detail on U.S. private companies with $1M+ in revenue, regardless of ownership or deal activity.

Quickly refine your universe with financial data criteria you care about, such as current and historical revenues, EBITDA, employee counts (by year), growth rates, industry, geography, ownership structure, and VC or M&A activity.

Leverage elusive financial data and a QA overlay that ensures accuracy, so you can jump ahead to your shortlist of targets without multiple passes and extra effort.

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Accelerate your research and discovery efforts with actionable financial data and insights on the U.S. private markets. Discover new targets in your preferred universe without hours of searching, and without being limited to only those companies with funding or deal histories. Drill down on companies, using highly accurate, timely, and robust U.S. private company financials. Identify prospects and acquisition targets, source deals and comps, gain competitive intel, and research the private market landscape.

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PrivCo is a leading financial data and services company tracking more than 891,000+ private companies with $1M or more in annual revenue. Its proprietary discovery platform delivers the most qualitative, up-to-date information and insights giving more than 100,000 users the tools they need to target the right investments and make the right decisions at the right time. PrivCo software seamlessly integrates with your daily workflow across your portfolio life cycle.

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