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Added to Marketplace: November 25, 2019


Gain access to a UK residential property dataset with unparalleled granularity. REalyse provides monthly financial data at the local authority, ward and postcode level.

Quickly search and analyse U.K. financial market trends and insights to uncover more opportunities.

Leverage a single system for valuations, underwriting, competitor analysis, credit papers, site finding, macro research, business development, development design, investment papers, and more.

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Gain access to over 550 UK residential datasets offering over 26B data points with history to 1995.* Create a macro or micro view of the market with the ability to analyse data at the Council or Postcode level. *History varies by type of dataset.

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REalyse (pronounced 'realise') is a technology company that helps real estate professionals stay ahead of the market. We provide enterprise companies with smart technology, real estate expertise, and independently sourced data such as prices, rents, yields, demographics, market activity, economics, debt and all things in between.

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