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Added to Marketplace: February 21, 2020


Rely on VK’s proprietary technology and methodologies for world-class data solutions via our large-scale web crawls. Our web crawling technology is commonly used in the following: Large-Scale Web Crawls, International In-Location Web Crawls, Competitive Intelligence Gathering, Price Monitoring, Source Change-Detection, Market Intelligence, Anonymized Crawls, Distributor Monitoring, Financial & Research Data, Risk & Compliance, Review Monitoring, Data Aggregation and Data Enrichment.

Leverage VK’s capacity and strategic partners. VK builds out dedicated pools of IPs from over 95 countries for premium source collection at scale while guaranteeing a 95%+ request success rate. Anonymity is available as required.

Collaborate with VK's engineers to create a custom proxy service that meets your unique technical and budgetary requirements. There is no software to install and no hardware to maintain. Simply describe your data collection needs and VK will create a system specifically tailored to you.

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Designed & developed in-house to support VK’s complex collection needs, VK’s global proxy network can be seamlessly integrated into any third-party application or data management /collection environment. VK Connect empowers users to compliantly crawl or monitor websites from over 95 countries with strategically located IP addresses, all commercially verified data center proxies. The network was successfully pen-tested by the U.S. military to ensure a 100% secure connection. Built for scalable collection, to control rate limiting and to mitigate risk, VK allows users to manage proxy utilization through an easy-to-use online portal.

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Vertical Knowledge (VK) is an enterprise open source alternative data company that has transformed the way their clients identify, collect and leverage public data to gain actionable insight. VK offers a variety of historically rich data subscriptions, creating unprecedented opportunities for data consumption and information arbitrage. VK also provides services including a global commercial proxy network, custom data collection and an end to end collection Framework.

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