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Our data includes granular insights into all elements of workforce dynamics, including: transitions, job postings, job category, seniority, geography (metro area), sentiment data, layoff notices, headcounts, and more. Clients can personalize how data is tracked according to their internal needs.

Data is accessed via reports and/or the Revelio Labs terminal for a broad view of select companies. No set up or analytics required. Each account has a dedicated data scientist available for consultation about how best to interpret the data so that our clients can use it to inform investment decisions.

Key fields include: Count, Inflow, Outflow, Job Category, Seniority, Geography, Gender, Ethnicity, Salary, Prestige, Skills, Active Job Postings, New Job Postings, Removed Job Postings

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At Revelio Labs we build the tools that are needed to understand the workforce of every company. By ingesting the universe of public workforce data, we’ve created a standard structure to unify occupations and job titles, skills and activities, and companies and other organizations. Our team of data scientists, economists, and engineers use the latest methods in statistical research to remove sampling bias, and anticipate lags in reporting to create a comprehensive and current understanding of workforce dynamics. Our workforce data provides insight on company composition, hiring and attrition trends, geographic composition, career transitions, diversity, and more.

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Revelio Labs provides workforce intelligence. We absorb and standardize hundreds of millions of public employment records to create the world's first universal HR database, allowing us to see current workforce composition and trends of any company. Our customers include investors, corporate strategists, HR teams, and governments.

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