Leader in the oil and gas industry gains competitive advantage and supports timely investment decisions.

Firm Type

 Independent Midstream Energy Company

The Challenge

The firm needed a platform that could combine energy market data and intelligence with insight into financial markets.


FactSet/BTU Analytics Energy Data

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The Challenge

To better serve their client base, Momentum Midstream required a solution that allowed them to analyze evolving market trends in the energy space and gain intelligence into oil and gas fundamentals. BTU Analytics initially served Momentum Midstream on a consultancy basis. This relationship later evolved, with BTU providing larger-scale support for more complex projects and
trusted market analysis in support of board-level materials. Though BTU’s analytics and data served Momentum’s needs for energy market dynamics, Momentum recognized a need for a platform that would provide insight into financial markets and the energy competitive landscape.

The Solution

Following BTU Analytics’ acquisition by FactSet, Momentum Midstream was able to implement FactSet’s Solutions for Corporate Services to streamline their workflow. Together, BTU and FactSet have empowered Momentum Midstream’s users to make smarter, data-driven investment decisions in a competitive environment. With BTU’s Upstream Outlook and View platform, users at the firm can quickly assemble views on oil and gas production and producer activity. The business development team deepened their analysis on public companies in the energy space by using FactSet’s portfolio analysis reports, which allowed them to develop a better understanding of market needs related to midstream services. FactSet’s AI-powered document search has also been integral in shortening the time it takes for the business development team to search through current and historical documents such as financial reports and earnings call transcripts.

Implementing FactSet into their organization was seamless despite being onboarded during the COVID-19 pandemic. FactSet’s straightforward, user-friendly system allowed the team to commence use in less than three months without any formal training. With the integration of BTU’s market analysis into the workstation, members of the firm can now seamlessly leverage BTU’s most meaningful views along with FactSet’s data, news, and research in one comprehensive platform.

The Results

By combining BTU Analytics’ energy expertise with FactSet’s comprehensive data, Momentum Midstream bridged the gap
between accessing focused and insightful energy market research and sweeping public company data. The firm is now able to examine the industry from a global lens, evaluate opportunities, and make informed decisions based on the reliable data presented by both solutions.

From the beginning, FactSet’s simple interface allowed them to quickly pull the data they needed for company meetings
and projects. The team comprehensively shares the same knowledge of the landscape of the market.

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