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Digital transformation, personalization, and context are more important than ever. Next generation financial services firms will not solve their problems with closed and siloed platforms but by implementing an open, flexible ecosystem of solutions that scale with third-party vendors and proprietary tools across the portfolio lifecycle.

Cloud, data science, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, APIs, databases, data marts, data lakes—there is no shortage of technological terms and trends. Technology is a key differentiator when it enables innovation and FactSet supports financial institutions’ IT teams as they develop their digital transformation vision by providing more scalability, flexibility, and speed.




    FactSet, in partnership with Forbes Insights, surveyed financial executives globally to better understand where firms are on their digital transformation journeys and how they’re leveraging next generation technologies and external partners. Download the research results in the eBook Transformative Technology: Exploring Innovation and Disruption in Financial Services.

    financial cloud

    Select the best deployment option for your financial software solutions.

    In the age of hybrid technology, optimize your workflows with FactSet’s integrated and customized solutions delivered in secure private, hybrid, public cloud environments. Improve your scalability and agility as FactSet fully integrates and delivers content with proprietary or hosted systems (financial SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). Major third-party public cloud providers can be used as a source or receiver of data and analytics for distribution across your firm’s internal or external workflows.

    Deployment Options
    open financial technology

    Build next generation workflows with open financial technology.

    Flexible architecture means more efficient workflows, and open means choice. Ease the implementation of solutions and simplify your workflows through seamless integration of tools and solutions from multiple sources. As an open platform for both “buy” and “build” solutions, FactSet offers turnkey SaaS solutions alongside APIs, data feeds, and engines to power your developer community.

    Hybrid Technology & Architecture

    Benefit from interoperable desktop solutions.

    With OpenFin as a desktop scaffold, FactSet is driving open collaboration and interoperability standards to further allow a true desktop multi-vendor ecosystem. Benefit from a full desktop experience that includes features like workspace saving, identifier and context channeling, and tabs and docking to layout FactSet in the way that works best for you while leveraging SSO (Single Sign-On) to seamlessly transition between applications.

    Open Desktop
    artificial intelligence machine learning

    Leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence/machine learning technology.

    Find alpha with FactSet’s cognitive computing technology, which leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Benefit from enhanced datasets like shipping data and predictive insights such as shareholder activism vulnerability and equity financing prediction. FactSet delivers an improved customer experience with intelligent agent assist and personalization that gets the right information to you at the right time. FactSet’s machine learning services are delivered through APIs, e.g., NER/Named Entity Recognition API, which will help you in your digital transformation.

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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    Gain efficiency with an open partnership.

    FactSet Business Advisory teams partner with your Product, IT, Strategy, and Operations leadership teams to assist in building a blueprint that leverages our data, analytics, technology, and digital tools across your front, middle, and back office needs. As a premier market data provider, FactSet delivers comprehensive, differentiated workflow solutions for both the buy-side and the sell-side.

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