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Find the information and insights that lead to better decisions

Whether you are looking for broad financial news on markets and economies or granular news on company earnings, FactSet news and research offers real-time news on the factors that affect markets and research that pulls in data from many trusted sources.

Get real-time news about the companies, industries, and markets you follow with StreetAccount news, access a large library of sell-side reports and notes, and receive commentary and research from FactSet industry experts.

find the information and insights that lead to better decisions

    StreetAccount News

    StreetAccount News

    Gain instant access to crucial intelligence.

    Filter out the noise and quickly access relevant, real-time news about the companies and markets you care about with StreetAccount. StreetAccount’s writers scan a wide variety of legitimate news sources to offer comprehensive coverage on global economies and use their market expertise to report only those stories that are new and material, providing you with an intelligent perspective. Stay on top of news throughout the day with Overnight, Midday, and End-of-Day market summaries and macro recaps. View pre-market and after-hours trading updates and access Earnings Previews and Street Takeaways, which summarize broker comments for conference calls, analyst presentations, and other company events.

    News and commentary are written in short bullet points that highlight key facts and important information concisely. Use FactSet via your desktop or mobile device to quickly filter stories by company, portfolio, index, or keyword and create alerts to notify you when a story matches your criteria.

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    Broker Research

    Broker Research

    Get in-depth information on companies and industries.

    Access sell-side analyst reports and notes from over 1,300 contributors that include investment banks, market research firms, rating agencies, and independent research providers. Our filtering functionality lets you quickly find equity, credit, industry, economics, and strategy reports. You can also quickly locate company reports, initiating coverage, ratings changes, estimates and price target revisions, and models over the past 10 years. Search by the type of research, company, keyword, or analyst and then sort by over 20 industries and regions. Create groupings and sub-groupings to narrow your search and then save it for later. Our robust entitlement system ensures that only authorized users can access reports.

    FactSet Embargoed Research, also known as aftermarket research, aggregates and delivers research from a wide array of brokers and independent research providers. This allows you to search, preview, and purchase research documents directly within FactSet. You can also easily integrate subscription-based research and pay-per-view research.

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    FactSet Insight

    FactSet Insight

    Trust industry-leading commentary that can only come from FactSet.

    Get in-depth market analysis from FactSet’s industry thought leaders. FactSet Insight features unique thought leadership, commentary, and research reports along with webcasts, infographics, and product news. Our contributors are sourced daily from leading industry media including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, CNBC, TheStreet and more. Get articles like our weekly Earnings Insight and ETF fund flows, as well as deep dive into performance and fixed-income analysis published each business day.

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    FactSet News

    FactSet News

    Get real-time information on the news that matters to you most.

    Access streaming real-time news headlines from approximately 150 news sources that include editorial news, press releases, local language, and region-specific content. Monitor news with customized filters that narrow the scope of the news by your portfolios, specified sources, company news filters, and selected market-level topics. Stay up to date on breaking news via Market Tweets and the Top News filter. Access historical news archives by filtering by specified date ranges, identifiers, and keywords. Whether you are looking for earnings reports, analyst commentary, or market updates—FactSet brings you fast and accurate coverage so you can quickly uncover how the news of day is impacting your world.

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    Today’s Top News

    Today’s Top News

    Quickly get up to speed on the most recent market moving information.

    Read live market updates via FactSet’s Today’s Top News page and get up to speed on the market conversation within seconds of arriving at your desk. Use the Markets section to view major global indices and their performance. Skim market synopses, top stories, economic data, your portfolio news, and most-read web stories. Content is monitored 24 hours a day during the market week and constantly refreshed by the dedicated StreetAccount team.

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