Build cross-organizational workflows, mitigate risk, and create efficient data management, integrity, and governance with company-wide data integration.


In today's fast-paced world, you're only as valuable as your data—and the technology that can unlock its potential. With a single,
ever-expanding suite of datasets, data feeds, and APIs, FactSet is an industry leader in acquiring, integrating, and managing core financial data.

FactSet gives you the power to monitor the global markets, research public and private companies, and gain industry-level insight through the extensive coverage, governance, and linking of financials, estimates, debt, ESG, news and research, and more.

We've developed solutions to help you to harness the power of community and increase productivity across the front, middle, and back offices. Partner with FactSet and experience company-wide integration featuring best-of-breed content, round-the-clock support, and flexible delivery options to help you maximize the value of your data. Transform the way you discover, evaluate, and act on opportunity.

Data Solutions


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    Easily integrate data into your infrastructure and workflows.

    FactSet's open and flexible technology includes comprehensive data feeds, APIs, configurable mobile and desktop environments, cloud platforms, digital portals, and more for endless access. Our hub-and-spoke data model and data lakes connect disparate content by mapping disparate sources to a single entity identifier, providing the foundation you need to integrate and manage data. Relationships between companies, entities, people, countries, and more are updated daily to keep up with data's constant evolution. With advanced data connectivity and flexible delivery options, you can access your firm's internal content assets alongside leading third-party content—how and where you want it.

    Flexible Integration

    Power investment decisions with timely and reliable company data.

    FactSet offers expansive company data to help you make smarter investment decisions. Whether you want to gain a complete understanding of a company's credit strength and overall debt profile or individual equity components, we can help you understand a company’s true investment potential.

    Company Data

    Find untapped alpha with new and unique alternative data.

    Gain a competitive advantage and find new insight with alternative data and the Open:FactSet Marketplace to reveal interconnecting business relationships, business performance and market indicators, sources of risk, areas offering new investment opportunities, as well as support for ESG investing.

    Alternative Data

    Get the latest information on company events and actions.

    Stay up-to-date on corporate actions and find potential merger and acquisition targets and buyers with FactSet's event-driven data. Monitor and analyze mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate activism, find key information in conference call transcripts, determine the potential consequences of announced mergers and acquisitions, and see which companies are looking to quickly raise capital through private placements in FactSet's mergers and acquisitions database through speedier data connectivity.

    Event-Driven Data

    Connect global data and turn insight into action.

    Access benchmark data, economic intelligence, and market aggregates data to help you analyze relationships along with risk models, real-time exchange, and pricing data that help you monitor and manage risk. Comprehensive coverage of equity and fixed-income benchmarks within our applications or your own in-house systems provides the breadth of content and scale to meet your needs.

    Market Data

    Access real-time news and research on companies and markets worldwide.

    Whether you are looking for broad financial news on markets and economies or granular news on company earnings, FactSet's news and research offers real-time news on the factors that affect markets and research and pulls in data from many trusted sources. Get real-time news about the companies, industries, and markets you follow with StreetAccount news. Access a large library of sell-side reports and notes and receive commentary and research from FactSet industry experts.

    News & Research

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