Gain a holistic solution that will scale with your needs and optimize your investment process from research and portfolio management to compliance and trading.


Spend more time arriving at actionable investment decisions and less time jumping between disparate research and portfolio management platforms. Whether it's company research, global portfolio monitoring, or multi-asset order and execution management, FactSet offers consolidated front office solutions to meet your evolving workflow needs. 



Front Office Solutions

    Competitive Strategies for Asset Managers

    In this research report, we explore the techniques and data winning portfolio managers are using to improve performance, the key traits of successful portfolio managers, and how asset managers can diversify their product suites to attract new assets.


    Streamline the critical components of your research workflow.

    Benefit from a fully customizable, multi asset class research tool that seamlessly integrates with the same portfolio management platform you use to analyze global market data. Monitor watch lists, portfolios, and daily market movements alongside internal research notes to track the latest changes in active core, thematic, quantitative, and alternative investing. Populate dynamic reports, custom annotated charts, news displays, and more with a combination of real-time, high-quality financial data and your firm’s research. Submit ideas through a dedicated research management application, and count on advanced artificial intelligence to derive unique insights from qualitative data.

    Streamlined Research
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    Explore documents and integrate research for instant, actionable intelligence.

    Uncover relevant insights and generate investment ideas from unstructured data with FactSet’s AI-powered document smart search tool. Easily search for keywords and phrases across our extensive universe of documents including broker research, filings, transcripts, press releases, alternative data, and your proprietary research. Utilize interactive charts, unique to your search, to analyze and further refine your queries quickly and efficiently. Monitor your watch list and portfolio with your firm’s research and estimates to stay informed of their latest changes. Enhance portfolio construction with the ability to monitor performance and view the completion of internal buy lists and models.

    Smart Search & Document Insights

    Access unique company and market data to gain a competitive advantage.

    Discover untapped alpha with access to unique datasets and alternative data. Connect content from FactSet, third-party providers, and your in-house systems to perform more meaningful analysis on public and private companies, industries, and markets. Gain one-of-a-kind insight with deep research into interconnecting business relationships, company ESG scores and practices, and more. Identify opportunities and measure risk exposure in the global equities and derivatives markets using FactSet’s supply chain, geographic revenue, and entity structure information.

    Alternative Data
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    Leverage sophisticated analytics to maximize your portfolio performance.

    Generate and execute investment ideas in real time with instant access to portfolio news, commentary, and exposures. Analyze and manage portfolios across asset classes using FactSet’s full range of investment and risk analytics. Quickly test ideas by simulating security trades, compare pre- and post-trade portfolios, and review their compliance before passing them to the trading desk for execution. Eliminate the need for manual trade reentries and easily submit simulated trades to any order management system (OMS). Boost your trading confidence with a single set of holdings and analytics that can be used for both front-office portfolio decision-making and middle-office portfolio analysis and reporting.

    Portfolio Management & Performance
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    Connect directly with traders for seamless execution.

    Ensure pre- and post-trade compliance with active and passive breach management. Leverage FactSet’s turnkey integration with our leading order management system (OMS) and execution management systems (EMS), or easily integrate your third-party OMS or EMS with our portfolio management system using APIs. Choose your preferred method and build a seamless workflow from research and simulation all the way to execution and analysis.

    Trade Execution

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