Manage your investment workflow and streamline tasks across your portfolios with multi-asset coverage, order management tools, and compliance checks.


Improve collaboration across your firm to ensure a seamless transfer of investment ideas from idea generation through settlement. Share customized views with each member of the investment team and manage orders more effectively to better support asset managers, traders, operations, and compliance and risk colleagues worldwide. FactSet's open, cloud-based order management and compliance solution (OMS) can be fully integrated with your firm's proprietary systems and data warehouses to support all business needs and provide a cohesive investment management process.

Order Management and Compliance


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    Evaluate portfolio performance and analysis.

    Gain insight into portfolio concentration and exposures in real time using variance heat maps, tolerances, and event-driven alerts. Experience seamless, multi-asset and multi-currency support across your strategies with a single trusted source for your information. Streamline your portfolio monitoring and decision-making with real-time, intraday updates to performance, attribution, and risk within FactSet’s Portfolio Analytics suite.

    Portfolio Optimization & Analysis

    Monitor and manage compliance with confidence.

    Run your operations like a well-oiled machine with a single solution that provides comprehensive risk and analytics data, automatic trading compliance checks, flexible permissions, and approval settings. Save time, boost efficiency, and easily track the underlying causes of compliance breaches with FactSet’s sophisticated rules manager. Integrate third-party and FactSet content, stock exchange data, and key metrics including durations, sector exposure, and geographic revenue exposure to power your compliance system. Use FactSet’s calculation engine to fulfill requirements for global regulations such as UCITS, the 1940 Act, and MiFID II and support all rule types and mandates including compound and look-through checks.

    Compliance Monitoring

    Customize your workflow to reflect your unique needs.

    Fuel your order management and trade processing with adaptable screens, tailored workspaces, and a fully permission-based operating model. Configure portfolio views on the fly to better accommodate the unique needs of each user, team, strategy, and asset class. FactSet’s logic-driven trade order management system allows you to customize and automate the blocking, handling, and routing of orders to keep pace with today’s evolving regulatory landscape and market movements. Get insight into real-time, consolidated compliance as well as order and execution statuses across your enterprise.

    Tailored Workflows

    Connect data and analytics across the front, middle, or back office.

    Integrations with internal and third-party systems are essential to running an efficient operation. Combine your proprietary content with data from FactSet and other sources including real-time price, benchmark, and risk content. Ensure your middle office is looking at the same investment ideas as your risk and performance teams with a dedicated open architecture model. Integrate your own third-party resources through a host of dedicated, published APIs for orders, executions, compliance, and prices. Our team of data specialists works around the clock to provide consistent support and ensure secure, accurate, and reliable processing of your firm’s data across all asset classes. 

    Connected Teams

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