Passive Investing
Help your clients select the best ETFs for their portfolios and solve complex industry challenges with robust analytics and research.

ETF Creation and Evaluation for a Passive Market

Gain access to a comprehensive, accurate repository of analytics data across the universe of exchange-traded products that will help you consolidate and elevate your portfolio construction workflow.

passive investing etf creaton and evaluation for a passive market
Passive Investing
    perform thorough ETF due diligence

    Perform thorough ETF due diligence.

    Help your clients identify the best ETF for their portfolio when you screen across 150 daily, fund-specific data points. Leverage proprietary ratings and scores to gather objective measures of fund efficiency, risk, tradability, and fit relative to benchmarks. Use both quantitative and qualitative measures to analyze how successfully a fund accomplishes its goals, how well it trades, and its relevance to its segment.

    Due Diligence


    Cost-conscious investors appreciate ETFs' tax efficiency, especially in contrast to the tax burden of mutual fund capital gains. Yet, the mechanism that allows ETFs to operate efficiently can also erode returns in a high-turnover strategy. In our eBook, The Heartbeat of ETF Tax Efficiency, we examine the costs and benefits of ETF tax efficiency.

    categorize funds on both a methodical and granular level

    Categorize funds on both a methodical and granular level.

    Classify funds using an unambiguous, rules-based system that features a seven-tiered, flexible hierarchy defined by asset class, geography, and exposure. Access the most current, consistent, and complete information as funds are previewed and classified the moment they start trading. Layer the classification system with daily fund flow data to dissect the market and see what’s garnering positive inflows and which markets investors are leaving.

    Unique Classification
    solve complex industry challenges with ETF analytics and research

    Solve complex industry challenges with ETF analytics and research.

    Combine your portfolio holdings and analyst research with our high-quality content, robust portfolio analytics, and dynamic reporting tools. With ETF analytics, dissect how a fund is being constructed, how it differs from its peers and the broader market, and whether it delivers on its core promise to investors without undue costs or risks. Evaluate sector exposure and understand a fund’s regional risk exposure. Use portfolio and index characteristic data to measure factor exposure and relative significance. Perform attribution analysis to determine whether the strategic beta factor exposure strategy is driving or detracting from performance. Track performance and risk over time in a holding-based framework.

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