Combine robust company data and analytics with deep market data to power your research workflow and generate investment ideas.


Generate new investment ideas and share your findings with colleagues quickly and efficiently. Leverage FactSet to help you complete the routine parts of your financial analysis, leaving more time to think about your next idea or work on the proprietary research you need to fully test your hypotheses.



Research Solutions
    Perform strategic global market and company research.

    Perform strategic global market and company research.

    Ensure a thorough understanding of global markets and companies with data and highly visual reports designed to help you analyze complex relationships and interpret macroeconomic data. Stay up to date on important events ranging from economic releases to company earnings calls. Monitor insightful, real-time news and market summaries with StreetAccount and create custom alerts. Streamline the pitch lifecycle with access to the information and tools you need in a single platform.

    Market & Company Research


    Don't miss our unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, deep dives into performance and fixed-income analysis, and more.

    quickly identify areas for deeper research.

    Quickly identify areas for deeper research.

    Uncover relevant insights and generate investment ideas from unstructured data with our AI-powered document smart search tool. Easily search for keywords and phrases across source documents including news stories, filings, research reports, press releases, transcripts, and more. Utilize interactive charts- unique to your search- to evaluate and further refine your queries quickly and efficiently. Expand your analysis and identify your next deal using sophisticated screening technology encompassing millions of private companies, financials, investment rounds, transactions, and comparables. 

    Investment Ideas
    ensure accurate valuations

    Ensure accurate valuations.

    Leverage FactSet’s industry-leading Excel tools to extract and analyze data to suit your unique approach. Build auditable reports containing historical valuation metrics, including P/E and EV/EBITDA, to quickly understand a company’s key performance drivers. Easily graph these historical valuation metrics and reactions to catalysts to find trends and spot discrepancies. Dynamically link data from Excel to PowerPoint to ensure your models and presentations are always up to date.

    Accurate Valuations
    track usage and share internal research with colleagues

    Track usage and share internal research with colleagues.

    Create, store, and disseminate ideas across your firm with FactSet’s Research Management Solutions. Combine your firm’s data such as analyst estimates, internal research, meeting notes, and recommendations with real-time market data. Control and customize who can access your research and know who is consuming your product with comprehensive and flexible entitlements. Incorporate and update data such as disclosures, bios, and industry slides from your firm’s library of approved Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

    Publication & Distribution

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