Idea Generation
Find the original insights hidden in unique data.

Turn Your Best Ideas into Investment Success

From thought experiment to process execution, FactSet's tools give you the power to test your hypotheses, identify opportunities, and visualize a path forward. Unique data sets and customizable screening options give you the clarity to analyze your thinking. Integration with FactSet's extensive ecosystem let you apply your updated investment strategy with ease.

idea generation turn your best ideas into investment success
Idea Generation
    when you connect the data with FactSet, you find the opportunity

    Connect data to find opportunity.

    FactSet's extensive suite of analytics allow you to track individual companies, coverage lists, and industry performance in real time. Create custom news and quote alerts, and chart the market data that matters to you. Coverage for an extensive universe of companies and organizations means you'll always have the information you need to chase down your investment intuitions.

    One-of-a-Kind Analytics


    Learn how to plan for the shift from active to passive management, improve performance, and attract new business in this free guide.

    test your best theories with screening solutions

    Test your best theories with screening solutions.

    Find evidence and structure for your cutting-edge concepts with FactSet's screening tools. Test your theories against specific financial and non-financial criteria and be better prepared to recognize patterns for your evolving investment strategies. With customizable and automatable reporting options, you'll have the ability to see that every deal and opportunity is used to its fullest potential.

    Idea Screening
    Uncover relevant insights and generate investment ideas from unstructured data

    Quickly identify areas for deeper research

    Uncover relevant insights and generate investment ideas from unstructured data with our AI-powered document smart search tool. Easily search for keywords and phrases across original source documents including news stories, filings, research reports, press releases, transcripts, and more. Utilize interactive charts, unique to your search, to analyze and further refine your queries quickly and efficiently.

    Smart Search & Document Insights
    gain the tools to visualize your investment story

    Gain the tools to visualize your investment story.

    See your ideas, strategies, and successes like never before with FactSet's interactive charting tools. Leverage our extensive data universe and drawing capabilities to build rich visualizations and bring your investment concepts to life. Share dynamically evolving illustrations and models to make your concepts as clear and concise as possible.

    Interactive Charting

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