Research Management
Leverage the tools you need to maximize the reach of your research.

Collaborate, Communicate, and Maintain Continuity

FactSet's highly configurable and fully integrated research management tools ensure your research efforts grow alongside your business needs. Give your team the power to collaborate across disparate locations, ensure the security and continuity of your best thinking, and maintain the transparency necessary to comply with evolving regulatory regimes.


Research Management
    gain a centralized repository for your globe-spanning research

    Gain a centralized repository for your globe-spanning research.

    Your best ideas were meant to be shared. FactSet's centralized research repository gives your thought leaders the tools to develop concepts, broadcast breakthroughs, and tap the wisdom of their peers. Mobile access ensures support wherever inspiration strikes, while transparent views and workflows keep teams in synch and prepared to capitalize on every opportunity to expand the business.

    Centralized Research

    Learn to use research management tools to gain an advantage in our white paper.

    Get our free white paper, Deploying the Right Tools for Success, to see how you can use comprehensive research management tools to gain an advantage over those using outdated data analysis solutions and provide transparency to regulators and investors.

    the business continuity to protect your progress

    Ensure business continuity to protect your progress.

    When employee turnover or inconsistent data management threaten the progress of your internal research, FactSet's research management solutions let you regain control of your content. Detailed permissioning tools ensure access for the right people, while internal commentary options capture the development of research as it happens.

    Maintain Continuity
    the power to demonstrate compliance

    Demonstrate compliance with confidence.

    Many of today's most complex regulations are predicated on your firm's ability to articulate the origin of its investment recommendations. Having a detailed record of your research's development has never been more important and with FactSet's research management solutions it's never been easier. Access a single source of truth for your research's development, detail interactions within your team and facilitate transparency for regulators and investors alike.

    Demonstrate Compliance
    experience implementation that leaves your productivity uninterrupted

    Experience implementation that leaves your productivity uninterrupted.

    Taking on challenges alone is never easy, so FactSet supports your transition every step of the way. FactSet's implementation specialists guide your process, leaving outdated and siloed research workflows behind while preserving the processes that work for your team. Leverage our professionals to assess your needs and seamlessly migrate your best workflows so you can get more out of them.

    Proceed Uninterrupted

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