Streamline your research process with access to highly configurable model creation, publication, and distribution tools.


Overcome the constant pressure to find novel investment ideas and publish volumes of research. Transform the workflow of your research department to gain more control over your data management, authoring, compliance, and distribution. Develop accurate non-consensus views and conduct proprietary research with a solution that allows you to perform deep company and industry analysis, manage relationships, and disseminate your research in a single platform.


Sell-Side Research


    Don't miss our unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, deep dives into performance and fixed-income analysis, and more.



    Generate new ideas and opportunities.

    Monitor insightful, real-time news for the companies and markets you cover with news from FactSet StreetAccount, filings and transcripts, custom alerts, and more. Stay on top of earnings season with access to FactSet StreetAccount’s Earnings Previews, Conference Call Guidance, and Street Takeaways, which summarize broker comments for conference calls, analyst presentations, and other company events. Use an interactive calendar to track economic releases and company events, access earnings call information, and read event transcripts. Access sophisticated screening technology to quickly curate public and private companies, investments, and deals.

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    Insights & Ideas

    Ensure accurate valuations.

    Export FactSet’s historical data to Microsoft Excel to quickly build auditable earnings models and understand a company’s key performance drivers. Find and assess non-consensus forecasts to accurately benchmark and develop your own views. Review historical valuation metrics, including P/E, EV/EBITDA, and a host of others. Easily graph historical valuation and reactions to catalysts. Capture and import data and text from HTML and PDF documents while preserving an audit trail back to the source file. Leverage FactSet’s industry-leading Excel tools to extract and analyze data to suit your unique approach.

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    Models & Valuations

    Simplify and consolidate research production.

    Combine pre-defined content and open fields, tailoring them to meet the specific needs of your firm with respect to report types, workflow, and user permissions. Allow both analysts and salespeople to view internal estimates alongside the market consensus all within their current workflows, thanks to the RMS Partners database seamless integration with the FactSet workstation.

    Research Production

    Create research reports more efficiently.

    Increase communication with your clients by leveraging Microsoft Office or web-based tools for authoring and distributing research reports, morning notes, and sector reports. Streamline all stages of your document workflow including editorial, approval, and compliance directly from the web-based browsing and workflow interface. Quickly create reports and automatically populate your customized templates with critical content. Combine your proprietary data with FactSet and third-party data. Seamlessly connect to RMS Partners’ publishing environment to enhance the efficiency of your authoring processes. Refresh existing documents to return the latest data and maintain strict control over document versions.

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    Reports & Templates

    Facilitate distribution of your research.

    Manage and distribute your research and model data with automated contributions to electronic publishers, research consolidators, individual clients, internal departments, and your corporate website. Distribute approved model data separately from research reports. Target the distribution of research data by creating tailored documents based on your clients’ individual preferences in PDF, Word, PPT, Excel, email, XML, or HTML formats. Ensure proper security by enabling encrypted-controlled access to view distributed documents.

    Research Distribution

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