FactSet’s open and flexible technology allows for a collaborative and personalized client online experience.

Firm Type

Wealth Management

The Challenge

Upgrade legacy client platform to incorporate robust market data content and analytics

FactSet Solution

Wealth Management and Digital Solutions

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The Challenge

The wealth management division of a large global financial services firm needed to reimagine their clients’ digital experience, which required the redesign and modernization of an existing platform. They recognized that today’s investors want a more engaging online experience and expect an interactive and personalized platform with insights specific to their portfolios and investments. The firm selected a third-party vendor to build the framework of the new web portal, but not every important piece of content and functionality could be provided by the selected vendor. The firm continued its search for a provider that could deliver robust market data content and analytics, and also seamlessly integrate into the newly created framework within a predetermined timeframe.

The Solution

Having already been aware of FactSet’s expansive global content as well as its open and flexible technology, the wealth management leadership team quickly recognized the opportunity to get FactSet involved. Working collectively with the client and third-party vendor, FactSet created an agile development plan that enabled all teams to successfully execute the firm’s vision for a modern and dynamic client experience. 

In addition to FactSet’s industry-leading content for fundamentals, estimates, ownership, and real-time quotes using FactSet’s cost-effective quote counting service, the firm chose to further enhance its client platform by incorporating FactSet’s proprietary news service StreetAccount. Available in written form and podcasts, StreetAccount allows for a mobile-friendly environment with an accessible, easy 
to consume format. The bank also achieved increased personalization for its investors by adding interactive watchlists and holdings-driven events calendars. These capabilities were seamlessly integrated with FactSet’s extensive collection of content and functional APIs and widgets, which were styled to match the firm’s branding specifications. FactSet’s solutions were AODA-compliant, ensuring the firm’s adherence to regulatory requirements.

The integration of FactSet’s content and the firm’s proprietary data produced a consolidated and modernized solution in a timely and efficient manner.

The Results

Using differentiated content and flexible technology, FactSet’s integration into the third-party platform helped the firm transform its legacy client portal into a clean, dynamic, and intuitive user experience.

“These improvements are definitely being noticed by our clients and are helping us put our best foot forward with the current and next generation of investors.”

Following this successful implementation, the firm went on to partner with FactSet on an enterprise-wide deployment of FactSet’s web-based wealth workstation for over 8,000 advisors and associates across Canada and the U.S. The bank is currently planning for the integration of FactSet’s Advisor Dashboard application within Salesforce to further accelerate advisor productivity and client engagement.

Download the case study