FactSet’s flexible technology and premier wealth management solutions empower advisors with actionable client insights within their CRM.

Firm Type

Wealth Management

The Challenge

Disjointed and inefficient advisor workflow with a lack of actionable insights for client engagement


Consolidated and comprehensive advisor dashboard with personalized portfolio insights that support an enriched CRM experience

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The Challenge

The wealth management division at a large U.S. private bank was in the process of implementing a CRM system and was determined to make it their advisors’ primary pane of glass. Their vision was to consolidate and streamline several key workflows to drive advisor productivity and client engagement while achieving their CRM adoption objectives. Traditionally, advisors would navigate across five or more applications to access their book of business, track portfolio performance, view internal research notes, acquire broker research, and monitor intraday news, quotes, and events for their top positions. This created both inefficiencies and inconsistencies in advisors’ daily workflows, resulting in lost time and wasted resources. The bank’s leadership sought a new strategic partner that could make their CRM vision a reality and help them drive adoption, advisor productivity, and client engagement.

The Solution

Following several demos and a trial, the firm recognized how FactSet’s content, analytics, and flexible technology consolidates and enhances key advisor workflows, prompting their leadership team to select FactSet as their enterprise technology partner. In addition to deploying FactSet’s web workstations to advisors who required a complete comprehensive market data platform, the bank integrated FactSet’s Advisor Dashboard and Research Management Solutions (RMS) directly into its CRM portal.

Advisor Dashboard combined advisors’ book of business with FactSet’s unique content and robust analytics to personalize actionable insights, including portfolio performance, risk, news, key events, signals, and client exposures. As a result, advisors increased productivity and enhanced their client engagement efforts.

Additionally, FactSet’s Research Management Solutions combined the internal research and due diligence notes from the firm’s Equity, Credit, and Manager Research teams. In turn, this ensured that the firm’s internal thought leadership and analyst commentary were always front and center to support and enrich advisors’ client engagement efforts.

The Results

Following the successful implementation of FactSet’s Advisor Dashboard and Research Management Solutions within their CRM, leaders of the firm feel positioned to experience a meaningful increase in their CRM adoption and satisfaction from their advisors.

A post-implementation survey showed that the majority of advisors felt that FactSet Solutions:

• Saved advisors time and increased productivity
• Helped advisors address client queries on portfolios, markets, investments, and research more efficiently
• Improved advisors’ access to internal research notes and ratings, internally-managed model portfolios, and approved lists
• Reduced the reliance and number of internal and/or third-party applications or data sources they used
• Provided ample support during the transition, so advisors could acclimate to the new CRM and workstation capabilities

The firm’s level of satisfaction with FactSet’s Solutions is evident in the 20% increase in number of entitled users across their enterprise since its initial deployment. Additionally, the firm is deepening its partnership with FactSet through evaluating its digital capabilities in the hopes FactSet can support their digital transformation objectives, and provide a personalized and engaging online experience for their high-net-worth clients.

Download the case study