Elevate your performance management workflow with FactSet's comprehensive, agile  solution.


With our award-winning next generation performance and portfolio analytics solutions, FactSet  brings you greater accuracy of performance calculations and reporting with higher frequency and faster delivery. Our comprehensive solutions offers increased precision and unifies production and analysis while helping you maintain compliance with new and emerging regulations.

Our integrated solutions cover the entire Performance & Attribution workflow including performance measurement, multi-asset class attribution, ex-post risk calculation, and GIPS composite management. We combine the intellectual property of our best-of-breed acquired products with the scale of our core products to bring an enhanced level of sophistication to  your workflow. 




Your Greatest Need
    performance measurement and attribution

    Improve the precision of your performance and attribution workflow

    A successful performance workflow demands precise data, agile analytics, and consistent, repeatable action items. FactSet’s Performance Solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing FactSet attribution solution to add persistence, validation, and control to your data distribution processes.

    Read on to learn how you can optimize your firm’s performance workflow and increase precision by combining your portfolio analysis solution with FactSet's Performance Solutions.

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    Data Precision
    performance measurement and attribution evaluate relative and absolute performance

    Complete your performance workflow with an agile, customizable solution

    With the accelerating shift from data warehouses to data lakes, more firms are turning to comprehensive systems that address every element of their performance and attribution workflows. To address these needs, FactSet offers a flexible, tailorable solution that combines sophisticated next-gen portfolio analytics with persistent, validated data and precise returns.

    Read on to learn how a global asset manager leveraged FactSet's Performance Solutions to validate, store, and disseminate performance data more effectively than ever before.

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    Complete the Performance Workflow
    performance measurement and attribution make more informed decisions

    Gain an all-in-one performance solution designed for mutual funds

    As a mutual fund manager, ensuring your returns calculations are compliant is of the utmost importance. FactSet’s award-winning performance solution, paired with our sophisticated next-gen portfolio analytics, brings you greater accuracy and faster delivery of performance calculations. For SEC-compliant mutual fund returns, SRRI to support UCITS IVs KIID, or other regulatory regimes, FactSet can help you maintain compliance with new and emerging regulations.

    Speak to a FactSet specialist to learn how you can optimize your firm’s performance workflow while supporting your compliance and risk goals.

    Standalone Performance Solution

    Optimize your performance workflow and maintain GIPS® compliance

    Competitive pressures have never been higher, and compliance with the GIPS standards has become mandatory on a global scale. FactSet’s GIPS Composites Management solution aligns our portfolio performance processes with GIPS requirements to help you ensure GIPS compliance. With multi-firm and multi-currency capabilities, you can integrate GIPS Composites Management within your FactSet performance solution or use it separately. 

    Read on to learn how a mid-sized asset manager achieved GIPS compliance and saved 70% on reporting times with FactSet. 

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    Maintain GIPS Compliance

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