Execution Management

Execute your investment decisions with market-leading trading technology, combining unique content, powerful analytics, and sophisticated automation.


Make informed decisions faster and trade more efficiently so you can improve performance and scale effectively to compete with the world’s leading investment managers. FactSet’s Execution Management System (EMS), powered by Portware Intelligence, enables rapid deployment of a world-class multi-asset trading solution from within FactSet’s front office workstation. Portware Enterprise helps the world’s largest asset managers and hedge funds manage the challenges of complexity and scale with embedded analytics, sophisticated decision support, and state-of-the-art automation.

Execution Management

    Competitive Strategies for Asset Managers

    In this research report, we explore the techniques and data winning portfolio managers are using to improve performance, the key traits of successful portfolio managers, and how asset managers can diversify their product suites to attract new assets.

    Gain unsurpassed decision support

    Gain unsurpassed decision support.

    Today’s trading desk needs clarity via aggregated analytics, visuals, connectivity, and decision support that puts the trader ahead of the curve. Access comprehensive real-time data, analytics, StreetAccount news, and liquidity insight for high-touch decision support as well as in-trade and post-trade execution performance and venue analysis. 

    Decision Support

    Automate trades to perform at scale.

    Markets move at machine speed. Traders are under pressure to consume large quantities of real-time data, with less time for analysis per trade and increased oversight of the decision-making process. FactSet uses data-driven, rules-based automation to address these challenges and help your firm achieve performance to scale. Reduce the burden of managing straightforward, uncomplicated trades and empower your team to focus on higher risk orders or less liquid names.

    Trade Automation

    Access advanced FX trading via a single multi-asset platform.

    Get a real-time, aggregated view of your firm’s foreign exchange liquidity through a single, fully configurable, counterparty-neutral front-end. Execute spot, forward, swap, NDF, and NDS  through multiple methods from multi-dealer RFQ to streaming quotes, or the latest trading algorithms offered by the banks with whom you trade. Capture past trading—including competing quotes and risk transfer tick data—in trade history and view it in custom dashboards. Employ rules using our Smart-Trade Assistant to automate your most frequently executed trades to gain valuable time and efficiencies in commonly traded currency pairs.

    Foreign Exchange

    Gain meaningful insight from your data and trade directly from visuals.

    Analyze orders, analytics, and execution data in a fully customizable suite of charts and graphs. Understand portfolio direction, identify outliers, and seamlessly implement your execution strategy. With visualization tools to help monitor dynamic performance metrics, drill into venue analysis, and review the multi-asset desk’s activity, clarity and understanding is a click away.

    Streamlined Visuals

    Customize your trading system to support your unique processes.

    Gain a fully configurable trading system. Take advantage of cloud deployment, comprehensive market data support, multi-asset class capabilities, and a central dashboard view of the entire trading landscape. Connect to the applications, data providers, analytics solutions, and counterparts you need to create custom workflows and implement your unique execution process. 

    Customized Workflows


    FactSet's Execution Management System (EMS) gives buy-side traders a modern, intuitive, and world-class multi-asset trading platform. Deployed as part of the FactSet Workstation, FactSet EMS can be integrated with client's existing systems or merged with PMP and OMS for a complete front office solution.

    FactSet EMS brings advanced decision support, analytics, StreetAccount news, and intraday charting available in the FactSet Workstation, FactSet EMS provides unique market insight.

    A turn-key delivery, proven architecture, and reliable technology partner marks FactSet EMS an easy choice for traders looking to upgrade their existing trading technology.

    FactSet EMS is designed for traders that need:

    • An Execution Management System for liquid instruments
    • FactSet workstation deployement
    • Cloud-based deployment
    • Integrated real-time reference data and transaction cost analysis (TCA)
    • Streamlined access to news, price, and liquidity charts, plus time and sales data
    • Algo wheels and trade automation
    • Venue and execution performance analysis
    • Standardized workflows and minimized implementation
    • The option to integrate an order management system such as FactSet OMS

    Download the brochure to find out more about our EMS solution.


    Portware Enterprise is the award-winning, multi-asset EMS for the world's largest and most progressive investment management, sovereign wealth, quant, and hedge fund trading desks.

    Clients partner with us to deliver efficient trading to scale and to derive competitive advantage from their unique execution process, with high degrees of integration and automations across equities, futures, options, foreign exchange, and fixed income.

    Portware enables traders to implement and streamline custom workflows, aggregate their preferred data and analytics sources, automate decision making, leverage unique execution strategies, reduce market impact, and get to market faster so they can achieve the best results for their clients.

    Portware is designed for traders that are:

    • Challenged by order and data volume, and the need to automate workflow processes and trade execution
    • Wanting to create a customized and differentiated execution process for a competitive advantage
    • Needing to select different data and analytics sources
    • designing bespoke calculations and graphical reports
    • Consolidating EMS solutions to support a single multi-asset trading team covering Equities, Futures, Options, FX and Fixed Income
    • Constrained by current technology
    • Integrating multiple in-house and third-party technologies into their workflow


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