Combine proprietary and third-party data with a high-quality data model backed by 40+ years of content connection and integration expertise.


Managing and organizing multiple sources of data has become a challenge for data users and buyers alike. In the age of digital transformation, the ability to link and contextualize disparate data is more important than ever.

With expansive content you can depend on and the automatic establishment of relationships between identifiers, FactSet takes you from raw data to meaningful insight first. Backed by 40+ years of experience collecting and integrating industry-leading data from more than 800 databases, plus unparalleled customer service, FactSet's data concordance offering combines all the expertise and flexibility you need to manage the cumbersome and time-consuming task of mapping data from various sources.


Data Connectivity


    Download our Connecting the Dots white paper to learn how to leverage smart data to uncover financial opportunities, align disparate datasets, drive risk aggregation, and ease compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.


    Connect your proprietary and third-party data within the context of FactSet.

    Optimize the organization and potential of your proprietary and third-party data with a high-quality data model that provides seamless, instant connectivity to thousands of global market identifiers and stock exchanges. With unparalleled expertise in acquiring, integrating, and managing content, FactSet links permanent security identifiers to the entity identifiers to provide risk insight and data dissemination on multiple levels.

    Advanced Connectivity

    Increase transparency and audit data connections across market identifiers.

    Rely on FactSet's hub-and-spoke framework to ensure efficiency when connecting the other datasets, and leverage an expansive set of reference data and unique content for added transparency and scalability across your business. With the ability to rank results by string similarity, you can easily identify alternate candidates and assess their relevance. Our robust machine-learning model has been trained to evaluate string similarities and apply business logic to identify the most appropriate matches.

    Transparent Identity Resolution

    Easily integrate and align disparate data within your existing infrastructure and workflows.

    With FactSet's flexible and automated data delivery options, you can submit requests to align one entity or a bulk list of entities from different sources and identifiers. Rely on single system for your analytic, risk management, concordance, and regulatory needs to transform your data connectivity. FactSet's data management solutions can be deployed to align and integrate disparate data into your existing or legacy systemswithout creating an additional burden for your back office. Access data via API as well as scheduled data feeds from Open:FactSet, a configurable web application, and cloud-based solutions such as AWS and the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

    Flexible Implementation

    Leverage decades of content collection and integration expertise for a low-maintenance solution that scales with your needs.

    FactSet allows product managers, researchers, and analysts to govern and extract value from company and market data with confidence. Go from messy, disorganized data to more meaningful and contextualized insights within a single platform. Our team of data specialists works around the clock to ensure secure, accurate, and consistent processing of your firm's data across internal and external systems. We also provide comprehensive user guides, methodology manuals, and feed definitions.

    Decades of Experience

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