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FactSet Announces Artificial Intelligence Blueprint and FactSet Explorer, its Product Preview Program

November 16, 2023

Generative AI (GenAI) has ushered in a new era of software development and increased the value of having vast amounts of reliable data to make critical decisions. At FactSet, we’ve worked at the nexus of finance and technology for over 40 years, harnessing the power of data and innovation to help our clients excel.


FactSet’s market-leading data, innovative technology, and best-in-class products have made us one of the financial industry’s most trusted providers of connected data, analytics, and workflow solutions for investment professionals worldwide.  


Investing in the future 

For nearly two decades, FactSet has leveraged Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver new solutions including AI-powered private markets comps, sustainable data solutions, and automated content collection with AI and ML technology.


With the enthusiasm in the markets around the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), FactSet conducted in-depth discovery sessions with a broad range of clients to understand their needs, identify market trends, and discuss challenges to rapidly adopt this powerful new technology. 


We view GenAI as a catalyst to getting the right intelligence to our clients embedded in their daily workflows to drive productivity. FactSet has fully embraced the potential of GenAI, which makes us uniquely positioned to rapidly deploy AI-powered solutions for our clients.  


Data is our DNA, productivity is our passion, and clients are our obsession.


Reimagine your FactSet Experience with AI 

Today, we are excited to announce FactSet’s AI Blueprint, our product roadmap designed to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to further enhance our industry-leading solutions and deliver unparalleled levels of personalization, discoverability, and productivity to our clients.  


“We are committed to thoughtfully and purposefully expanding the scope and role of AI in our offerings,” said Kristy Karnovsky, Chief Product Officer at FactSet. “We are looking at end-to-end workflows, and how to responsibly deploy AI solutions that deliver increased value to clients.”  


AI starts with data excellence 

Built on integrity, a strong data foundation supports our three-pillar approach to AI:  

  • Mile-wide discoverability
  • Mile-deep workflow automation
  • Mile-high innovation acceleration

1.    Mile-wide discoverability

Unlock the answers you want while uncovering critical insights to provide you with intelligence and help you work smarter.

FactSet’s breadth and depth of connected data allows us to bridge gaps and provide a robust AI experience. We ground our AI in facts and provide clear source linking for auditability to ensure trustworthy responses.  


With the power of FactSet AI, clients will be able to benefit from: 

  • A reimagined conversational user experience that supercharges research and analysis
  • Answers to your most difficult questions grounded in trusted FactSet data, delivering user confidence through seamless auditability and source linking
  • Surfaced data points you might not have known existed, bringing the right information effortlessly in a two-way conversational experience

2.    Mile-deep workflow automation

With a passion for productivity and an eye for efficiency, we seek to streamline and simplify our clients’ workflows so they can focus on high value work.  


We are aiming to build a future where… 

  • An Investment Banker can effortlessly update models and pitchbooks with FactSet’s AI solutions
  • A Portfolio Manager can query their portfolio’s performance in natural language
  • A Wealth Advisor can automatically be pushed an investment proposal for a prospect at the right time to act

We are developing our AI solutions to make this a reality. 


Elevate your FactSet experience with AI-augmented workflows for Research Workflows, Banking, Asset Management, and Wealth Management.


Our planned initiatives include next-generation search across both structured and unstructured content, chatbots across the portfolio lifecycle, AI-assisted solutions for model and pitchbook creation, portfolio performance summarization, and programmatic access that won’t require Python.


We have developed, tested, and launched AI-powered Transcript Summaries that are intended to save portfolio decision-makers countless hours. This automated solution extracts and summarizes salient comments from unscripted earnings Q&A discussions between management and analysts. Next year, we anticipate generating thousands of summaries globally. 


3.    Mile-high innovation acceleration

Our expertise lies in connecting and packaging data to support value-added insight generation. FactSet’s data solutions empower you to use these building blocks to optimize workflows.  


With our industry-leading data, clients will be able to: 

  • Seamlessly integrate FactSet’s data into your solutions via our open and flexible technology platform and ecosystem
  • Access FactSet connected data via APIs, cloud providers, or CRM solutions to drive the innovation you seek with the industry’s most reliable, foundational data
  • Co-develop proprietary solutions with FactSet to create your unique competitive advantage

As the leading open, intelligent platform, we adapt our solutions to any technological ecosystem with a growing network of connected data and technology partners.  


Experience The FactSet Advantage

Our AI efforts will aim to help supercharge workflows, saving our clients time and money, allowing them to prioritize investment.


The first wave of solutions is undergoing client testing as part of FactSet Explorer, our product preview program, as we remain committed to our client-first product development strategy.  


FactSet’s extensive AI experience, combined with our more than 40 years of expertise in the financial services industry, puts us at the forefront to leverage AI technology in the most secure way. 


Have complete confidence in your data and technology with innovative solutions that put your needs first.  


Let FactSet be your trusted AI partner. 


For more information, please visit: Artificial Intelligence | AI Technology Solutions | FactSet