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FactSet Launches Actionable Insights Powered by Machine Learning

May 3, 2021

NORWALK, Conn., May 3, 2021 - FactSet (NYSE:FDS) (NASDAQ:FDS), a global provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications, and industry-leading service, announced that it has launched FactSet Signals, its meaningful market- and data-intelligence notifications based on business rules and machine learning.

“With our connected content, cognitive capabilities, and flexible delivery options, FactSet is uniquely positioned to serve our clients relevant insights where and when they are needed. By proactively interpreting connections and shifts in data for our clients, we empower them to work faster, reduce human error, and spend more time on higher value analysis,” said Kristina Karnovsky, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research Solutions, FactSet.

FactSet Signals allows clients to view recent changes across multiple content sets for companies trading around the globe. These insights are available to support various workflows across user classes. For example, with M&A Signals, bankers can track the entire development of a transaction, from when it is rumored to when it becomes complete, as well as any risks along the way. On the other hand, FactSet’s High-Impact Transcript Signals uses a predictive model that can help users on the buy-side understand potential risks, dilution effects, and short-term price movements based on earnings transcripts. Additional FactSet Signals can identify companies most at risk of becoming the target of an activism campaign, predicted to issue a follow-on, has experienced recent credit rating changes, and more.

The sources of data powering FactSet Signals include FactSet’s core and alternative content, as well as data from third-party partners. Signals are also available through email alerts and FactSet’s open and dynamic API solutions, so clients can consume the content how they want, whether through internal applications, CRM systems, or data analysis software.

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