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FactSet Unveils New Technology Integrations For API and Cloud Delivery Support

May 5, 2021

NORWALK, Conn., May 5, 2021 - FactSet (NYSE:FDS) (NASDAQ:FDS), a global provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications, and industry-leading service, announced several product releases as data concordance, speed, flexibility, and customization continue to be driving forces behind digital transformations in the financial industry. Clients can now enrich their proprietary applications and digital portals, improve business efficiencies, and streamline common processes with API and cloud access to FactSet’s expansive ecosystem of connected content.

FactSet’s ever-expanding suite of API and cloud delivery options, coupled with value-added resources such as its Managed Database Service, Concordance Service, and Professional Service offerings, gives companies the flexibility to determine what solutions scale best with their current and future needs and support cross-organizational workflows involving website management, portal development, quantitative research, and data science.


FactSet’s Formula API, a modern, flexible, formula-based API, was recently launched to reduce post-processing needs and simplify access to FactSet’s wide range of award-winning financial data. The API offers two endpoints—one optimized for time-series (i.e., FQL-based) analysis, and one designed for cross-sectional (i.e., Screening-based) analysis—to provide users with a simplified interface into FactSet’s extensive content offering.

FactSet’s Content API endpoints are now integrated into FactSet’s Data Exploration, the company’s cloud-based environment. In addition to providing provisional access to all Content API resources via Jupyter Notebooks, Data Exploration allows users to explore and evaluate the full library of API endpoints alongside FactSet’s other content offerings in a single trial environment. This makes for a more delivery-agnostic, productive, and inexpensive data trial experience.

“The financial community’s growing desire to ingest more data, satisfy the needs of multiple workflows, and implement cloud-hosted solutions, all while performing and running at full speed, poses a large challenge for our clients," said Jonathan Reeve, Senior Vice President and Head of Content and Technology Solutions at FactSet. "Firms constantly run the risk of spending time, money, and energy evaluating and integrating content and technology that may later be deemed unproductive. FactSet recognizes these needs, offering time- and cost-effective solutions and services, while also providing an environment in which they can test data with confidence and security.”

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