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FactSet Announces AI Solutions for Technologists

June 13, 2024

Access to curated data, conversational experiences, and partnership programs to drive AI innovation and custom-built workflows

NORWALK, Conn., June 13, 2024 -- FactSet, a global financial digital platform and enterprise solutions provider, today announced its suite of solutions designed to enable technologists and developers to build proprietary workflows and accelerate their AI-powered innovations.

GenAI has created an opportunity for financial professionals to drive better and faster decision-making, elevate research workflows, increase productivity, and automate tasks, including developing pitchbooks and client-ready documents, generating performance attribution reports, and more. As the appetite for development and integration grows rapidly, technologists are faced with optimizing the power of AI, digesting and storing vast amounts of clean, accurate data, and innovating at a faster pace to drive business goals.

FactSet, known for a heritage of open and flexible solutions, combines packaged data, a conversational API, and an AI partner program, into its new three-pronged offering to advance the innovative development of AI-powered workflows that meet the needs of financial professionals across firms.

“Every one of our clients, from junior bankers to wealth advisors to buy-side analysts to performance teams, rely on the breadth and depth of our connected data to drive their decision-making,” said John Costigan, FactSet’s Chief Data Officer. “FactSet’s solutions assist technologists across all firm types to build the GenAI technology their stakeholders are demanding to leverage the quality, connected data they trust us to provide.”

Key components of FactSet’s AI solutions for technologists include:

  • GenAI Data Package: FactSet has streamlined access to high-quality and curated datasets for technologists through its consolidated, comprehensive GenAI Data Package. The company’s turnkey APIs provide historical, expert-level content across unstructured data (transcripts, filings, and news), structured data (fundamentals, estimates, ownership, M&A, and global prices), and supported by services, including named entity recognition and symbology lookup. Supplementing technologists’ and developers' internal data with data FactSet provides removes the friction associated with data selection and procurement, high costs of data development, and licensing risks to enable developers to prioritize building bespoke AI-powered workflows. 
  • Conversational API, powered by FactSet Mercury: FactSet’s large language model-based chat interface, FactSet Mercury, enables clients to access key company and market data, supporting context, and actionable next steps to empower fact-based decision-making with answers to specific questions in real time. With Conversational API, currently in beta release, technologists can advance their conversational experiences via programmatic access to FactSet Mercury. By outsourcing workflows to the FactSet Mercury chatbot, technologists can increase the time spent optimizing valuable internal data and addressing bespoke requirements.
  • AI Partner Program: FactSet powers the work of specialized AI firms with its robust data, advancing their missions and broadening their ability to serve the needs of the financial services industry. By partnering with these companies, FactSet aims to drive greater value to its clients by expanding the landscape of innovative AI technology designed for financial professionals, built using high-quality, connected content.


“Technologists are under pressure to respond to the emergence of GenAI quickly and we are helping them drive productivity and find the signals in the noise,” said Kate Stepp, FactSet’s Chief Technology Officer. “By expanding FactSet’s solutions to offer our breakthrough, technology-forward data package and conversational experience, we are optimizing the data selection process and scaling the development that drives technologists. We've had great success empowering our developers to accelerate GenAI value creation and we will continue to release technology to our client developers that allows them to build and release value faster."

The suite of AI solutions for technologists announced today falls into FactSet’s Mile High initiative, part of FactSet’s AI Blueprint. Working directly with technologists and developers, FactSet’s mission is to empower financial services firms to elevate their AI capabilities and innovate at a higher caliber by continuously integrating its data into proprietary client applications, offering API access to FactSet’s developed workflows, and partnering with AI firms to enhance their solutions.

To learn more about FactSet’s AI solutions for technologists and developers, please visit:

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