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EBook: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Altered the Future of Risk

April 30, 2021

No one could have foreseen the degree to which COVID-19 would disrupt lives, economies, and markets worldwide—or could we have? We investigated how prepared asset managers and owners were for a pandemic on the scale of COVID-19.

S&P 500 Earnings Season Update: July 19, 2024

Jul 19, 2024

At this early stage, the second quarter earnings season for the S&P 500 is off to a mixed start. On the one hand, the percentage of S&P 500 companies reporting positive earnings...

U.S. Mergers & Acquisitions Monthly Review: June 2024

Jul 16, 2024

U.S. M&A deal activity decreased in June, going down 11.4% with 887 announcements compared to 1,001 in May. Aggregate M&A spending decreased as well. In June, 22.3% less was spent...